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Built on the site of a former tin mine Katathong Golf Resort has plenty of water hazards and a beautiful natural stream which cascades down the waterfall in front of the club house and meanders its way through the back nine.   Plenty of mature trees lining all fairways – greens are pretty flat but many of them are raised and the owners intend to keep them fast to add to the challenge.

Katathong Golf Resort opens with a challenging dogleg par 4 which turns at 90 degrees with OB all along the left side and also beyond the turn if you go too long and straight.   There is also a bunker on the apex of the turn waiting to catch those who go too long off the tee.  The approach is uphill to a raised green with a bunker protecting the right hand side.  The 2nd is a long straight par 5 with a fairly narrow landing area with OB encroaching on the left – you need to avoid the water along the right with your second and then you have a tricky approach as a ditch runs across in front of the green and it’s not easily visible from the fairway.  The 3rd is a straightforward medium length par 3.  The 4th is another long and straight par 5 with trees all along the right and a deep ravine all along the left hand side and a very strategically placed bunker ready to catch your drive.  Very narrow landing area for your second shot with a bunker guarding the left side which is not easy to see – some relief for the approach but bunkers guard both sides.  The 5th is a medium length par 4 with a wide landing area but a stream runs across the fairway about 150 yards from the green which makes your next shot more challenging especially as the green is well protected by bunkers.  You need to avoid the water in front of the tee boxes on the dogleg 6th which requires great accuracy off the tee to ensure the correct line – too far right and you in the trees and stray left and a water hazard awaits.  Once on the fairway then its a simple approach to the green.  The 7th is a shortish dogleg par 4 but the landing area is quite small and then its quite steeply uphill to the two-tier green which is partially blocked by two trees to the left of the fairway and guarded by bunkers both sides.  You will also notice some old machinery left from the tin mining days.   The 8th is a short but pretty par 3 which skirts the lake which protects the left side of the green.   The 9th is an easy par 4 as you play back to the clubhouse.

The back nine at Katathong Golf Resort starts with the signature hole as you play from elevated tee boxes to the island green below which is a very small target and will be very difficult for high handicappers and at over 200 yards from the back tees is a potential card-wrecker.    The 11th is another very difficult and long par 5 and although you play from elevated tee boxes the trees are blocking any attempt at a draw but the lading area is quite generous as the hole turns slightly left.  There is a large water hazard cutting diagonally across the fairway and then along the left side of the green.  The 12th is a long straight par 4 with a slight dogleg and a stream cutting across the fairway which can be reached off the tee – the green like many on this course is like a table and any balls not near the centre can end up in the run-off areas.  The 13th is a long par 5 with a generous landing area and we are revisited by the stream which cuts across the fairway but should be out of reach off the tee.  Quite a narrow landing area for the second and a green sloping towards you with bunkers both sides.  The 14th is dead straight par 4 – the approach is complicated by the stream which cuts across the fairway about 100 yards out and a large tree which is partially blocking your route to the green.   A very difficult drive from 15th tee with a very narrow gap between the trees and a large fairway bunker protecting the right side and the stream encroaching on the left but the fairway opens up on the left if you carry the hazard.   Another raised green with a very narrow gap protected by bunkers.  A wonderful view over the course form the 16th tee but not such  an inviting drive across a deep ravine to the fairway below and the ravine continues along the left side of the fairway.  IF you manage to reach the fairway you are faced with a difficult approach to a real table top green surrounded by a two metre high bank.

The next two holes will be talked about long after you have finished you round and the 17th is one of the most unusual holes I have ever encountered.  A par 3 around 180 yards from the back tees but a green 3- metres or more in the air with a huge cliff in front of it and the top of the flag is the only thing visible from the tee box.  Most high handicappers will probably not waste a ball and head straight for the drop zone.  The finishing hole demands a drive over the lake onto a narrow fairway – if you are too conservative you will go straight through the fairway into the hazard beyond – again an impossible hole for the high handicappers as there is no easy route.

At the time of writing the clubhouse Katathong Golf Resort was not open but it looks very opulent with plans for on-site accommodation and a spa.

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Technical Details of the Course

  • City:Phuket
  • State/Province:Phuket
  • Country:Thailand
  • Allowed CC:VI,MC
  • Holes:18
  • Designer:Local Thai Designer

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